Moth Evening

On Saturday 12th August members and non-members took part in the night time Moth trapping evening in the fields. We are particularly grateful to David Brown (and team)- County Moth Recorder and national expert on British moths for the evening.

Thirty one species were recorded:

Gold Spot

Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing

Copper Underwing

September Thorn

Setaceous Hebrew Character

Flame Shoulder

Straw Dot

Shaded Broad-bar

Square-spor Rustic

Large Yellow Underwing

The Rustic

Orange Swift


Green Carpet


Ruby Tiger

Common Rustic

Yellow-barred Brindle

Swallow Prominent


Straw Underwing

Dusky Thorn

Light Emerald

Willow Beauty

Dingy Footman

Red Twin-spot Carpet

White-spotted Pug

Common Carpet

Grey Dagger

Rosy Rustic



Bat Evening – Friday 8th September

Once again we will be repeating our annual Bat Walk hosted by Warwickshire Bat Group on Friday 8th September starting at 7.30pm (meet at the gate in Maidenhead Road). Come along and enjoy an informative talk and walk and use one of the electronic Bat Detectors to detect your very own bat – it’s great fun. Donations of £2.00 for the Warwickshire Bat Group would be appreciated.

Curious to learn about the world of Moths?

On Saturday 12th August, the Friends of Rowley Fields are hosting a Moth Evening the first of its kind in this part of Stratford and are delighted to announce that David Brown – County Moth Recorder and Moth Expert will be leading the evening. David has many years experience and regularly lectures on this fascinating subject, he has also published a number of books.

David and his team will set up near to the gate into the nature reserve and will use lights and other equipment – be prepared to be enthralled by the beautiful moths of South Warwickshire.

Please bring a torch so you can safely see as you walk through the fields and wear clothing suitable for night, children are very welcome but please no dogs.

The event is completely free, we are extremely grateful to David and his team for their kind support.



(Just like our moths – head for the bright lights)

Annual General Meeting Chairman’s Report

The Chairman’s Report to the Annual General Meeting held on Thursday 6th July 2017 at Welcombe Hills School.

Dear Members,

Thank you

In June we celebrated our second anniversary as a group and I would like to start by thanking everyone for their continued support as members of Friends of Rowley Fields. In particular I would like to thank our Committee for their hard work most of which is unseen. I would also especially like to thank Mike Anderson and Gavin Griffiths, both have offered their time and services to support our group. Mike has planned and provided some excellent nature walks during the last 12 months and Gavin continues to host our website at no cost to our group. Thank you both.

The Future

Some people might assume that having prevented Rowley Fields becoming yet another Stratford building plot that our work is done. Perhaps that is correct however, I would remind members that our aim has always been to ‘Protect Rowley Fields for future generations’. To do that I feel we must maintain our group and remain active and focussed in the years to come. Members will appreciate the huge effort and time it took to get to where we are today, to drop our guard would (in my opinion) be foolhardy. Despite securing the clear support and commitment of the Town Trust it is my view that the fields will always remain attractive to developers. Developers will continue to approach the Trust in the years to come and offer huge financial incentives to future boards of Trustees for the sale of the land. We need to remain ready to respond to any threats the future may hold.

We are also ideally positioned to demonstrate the clear link between Rowley Fields and the Trusts Objects as defined in the Articles of Association. During our negotiations with the Trust we were able to demonstrate how the land ‘provides facilities for recreation and other leisure-time occupation’.

An unexpected benefit of our work has been to unite the community of Rowley Fields and surrounding area. Whilst not everyone is a member of our group there can be no doubt that recent experiences have brought our community together with hitherto strangers becoming friends.


At last year’s AGM we challenged ourselves to increase the size of our membership which at that time stood at 71 members. I am therefore delighted to report that our new total stands at 159 members.

Benson Road Property

Members may be interested to hear that the Town Trust have sold the property in Benson Road for £1.1 million, in addition they have sold a small section of the fields to the rear of the property to neighbouring houses for use as garden land.

Neighbourhood Plan

We eagerly await the finalisation of the towns Neighbourhood Plan and referendum, this remains an important milestone in securing the status of the land and hopefully deterring future developers. We continue to follow developments and will advise members accordingly, what is important is that we all take the opportunity to vote in support of the plan. Members will be aware that the Trust has made clear its intent not to object any part of the fields being designated as Local Green Space.

The submission plan was submitted to Stratford-on-Avon District Council on 26 April and the start of the statutory six week consultation, prior to examination, commenced on Thursday 25 May, 2017. Although there are still a number administrative stages to go through, it is hoped that the Plan will proceed to referendum in the spring of 2018.

Stratford Town Trust

Engagement with the Trust must continue to be a priority for our group. The Trust have recently undertaken a number of surveys and has held regular monthly member/Trustee surgeries, these will be reducing to two per annum. In addition there is a weekly Friday morning ‘open door’ opportunity to meet with Justin Williams the new Chief Executive. All great opportunities to influence the Trusts future. Some members will no doubt have participated in the Trusts engagement exercises recently held at the Swans Nest Hotel. I would urge our members to continue to engage with the Trust and help the Trustees understand the concerns and priorities of Stratford residents. Following the Trusts recent AGM, the Trusts new strategy will be published in the near future and will shape the Trusts future direction.


Like last year all our events have focussed on the Trusts 4th Objective of providing facilities for recreation and leisure time and they have been designed to complement the wide range of activities that the community already enjoys at Rowley Fields.

Events have included;

Nature Walks hosted by Mike Anderson

A Bat Walk hosted by Warwickshire Bat Group, where we used electronic scanners to detect three different species of bat. This was a really fun evening with adults and children taking part. Thank you to Mike, Giovanni and Sonya for these events.

In 2016 we approached the Shakespeare Hospice with the aim of hosting a charity Dog Walk in the fields, unfortunately this wasn’t possible so we then asked the Dogs Trust if they would like to hold a similar event. After a number of meetings and securing the agreement of both the Town Trust and District Council we then discovered that a change in policy at the Dogs Trust stopped us from proceeding further. This was a disappointment but we understand and are ready to step in should the opportunity present itself in the future.

Our recent work

There can be no doubt that given the heightened publicity of Rowley Fields that we have witnessed an increasing number of users both local and many who travel by car to reach the fields. It is really pleasing to see a wider section of the town’s community benefiting from the land. However, the increasing use has begun to impact on the land particularly in areas of high foot fall. Erosion in gateways has increased with many areas reduced to slippery patches of mud during the winter. The Committee conducted a visual audit of the fields over the winter and subsequently met with the Chief Executive to discuss the issue. We were invited to identify our concerns, we subsequently submitted a written report accompanied with photographic evidence. In addition to issues of erosion we also took the opportunity to highlight the deteriorating seating and boundary fences and gates in some areas. We hope the Trust will respond positively and that improvements will follow, making the land safer for use at all times of the year.

As members we would welcome your ideas for any activities or ideas that you would like to see in the fields. The coming years will see a different role for our group but I hope with your support we can continue to ‘Protect Rowley Fields for future generations’.

Thank you for listening.

Nature Walk with Mike Anderson

Members of FoRF enjoyed an interesting and highly informative Nature Walk on Saturday 13th May ably led by Mike Anderson. Thanks to Mike for yet another excellent walk this time focusing on trees and woodland. Here’s a few photos for those who couldn’t make it.

Nature Walk

Join our resident expert – Mike Anderson on the first of this year’s Nature Walks. Mike has kindly offered to host a spring walk across the fields and hills.

SATURDAY 13th May 2017

10am (approx 2 hours depending on weather)

Meet at top of Maidenhead as usual

Wear walking gear and appropriate clothing for the weather on the day. If it’s hot you might consider bringing something to drink. Children welcome. Dogs welcome but we won’t wait for you if your friend wanders and needs finding and it’s unlikely we can avoid the cattle which move freely around the reserve.

The walk will involve walking up slopes and through wooded areas but for the less energetic there will be shortcuts we will all meet back together. The walk will visit the reservoir area, Nursery Covert, up through the Welcome Hills side to the bridle path and down through Clopton Park side.

The aim of the walk will be to explore the range of trees in the nature reserve and to point out the distinguishing features of each species. At the same time we are likely to encounter other delights of the reserve and will take time to enjoy those as well.

The walks are FREE – please register your interest by telephoning Giovanni on 01789 290912 or email

Annual General Meeting

Looking ahead to our AGM in July, and recognising our evolving role as a group. The Committee will be meeting to discuss plans for the AGM which this year may be a less formal meeting, combined with a social event in the fields. Most of the Committee members have remained unchanged and we would welcome new volunteers to join us or indeed replace us! If you are interested in finding out more please contact us, we’d be delighted to share our experiences with you.


Events 2017


During the dark winter months we have worked hard to plan a range of events for members to enjoy during 2017, in line with our fifth aim.

We spent a lot of time liasing  with two charities  we hoped to co-ordinate a charity fund raiser for 2017. Our idea was to host a charity Dog Walk across the fields and nature reserve which would bring together our local community, promote sensible dog walking, raise money for a worthy cause , promote our group and be FUN.

A little disappointingly after several meetings, conversations, site meetings and securing the approval of both Stratford Town Trust and Stratford District Council (who own the hills) neither charity was able to proceed in 2017. However, we remain hopeful that this event may take place in the future.

In the mean time Mike Anderson has kindly agreed to host a number of nature walks through out the year starting with his first in May (possibly Saturday 13th—tbc). We will keep you posted.

In August on Saturday 12th we will be hosting the first ever ‘Moth Evening & Survey’ . The event is being hosted by a highly renowned expert and will start once dark and run into the early hours of the following morning. It will be a great opportunity to see the large variety of moths in our area and learn more about them. More information to follow.

In September, we plan to host our third Bat Walk building on the success of previous years. Again we will be in touch nearer the time but if you haven’t taken part in the past it’s a interesting and informative 90 minutes.