Free Wild Flower Seeds

Late in 2015 Friends of Rowley Fields applied for a supply of free wild seeds from ‘Grow Wild’ a Lottery funded scheme managed by the Royal Botantical Gardens Kew. Originally, the thought was that we could sow them in parts of Rowley Fields and thereby enhance the views further. However, that will not be possible during 2016 and we therefore have around 30 packets of seeds which we would like to offer members, they can be sown in pots, tubs or beds. If you would like a packet please respond by the FoRF email link and we will arrange collection etc.

More information about the scheme can be found at:

Seeds in our mix

Grow Wild seed packets contain a colourful mix of UK native-origin wild flower seeds, which have been researched and sourced by experts at the UK Native Seed Hub in partnership with UK based seed suppliers. 

Grow Wild shares seed packets with groups and individuals through seasonal promotions and over 100 partner organisations across the UK. Over a million people have already got involved to transform unloved spaces into colourful wild flower havens.

Safety notice

Sensible garden precautions should be followed when growing wild flowers, so refrain from eating any plant not known to be edible, wash hands after working in the garden and before eating or touching lips and eyes, and see that pets and children who cannot be entirely trusted not to consume vegetation are supervised.

Grow Wild seed mixes contain a selection from the following list of UK native wild flowers:

Grow Wild seeds are not to be used in or near nature conservation areas.



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